"Voice actors are different from any other kind of performer."

Voice actors are different from any other kind of performer. We wear many hats: actor, engineer, contract negotiator, studio builder, schedule planner, branding expert, web designer, producer.

We create entire worlds with our imaginations instead of set pieces. We feed off of our own satisfaction instead of the applause of an audience. We spend so much of our job alone, isolated from others who do what we do. 

And yet... the voiceover community is one of the most welcoming communities in the world. Our culture is one of support. Because our job takes so much knowledge, we are willing to share that knowledge for the good of the entire industry.

We help newer voice actors so they might learn from the mistakes we made when we were new. We adapt and change and grow and hold fast and resist and adapt again. Online and in person. In Facebook groups and at conferences. Even though we're often working alone, we understand we're all in this together. 

Carin Gilfry
Voice Actor and Founder of Voice Actors of NYC